I’m Martin, a creative fellow

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About me

I'm a UX Manager from Sofia, Bulgaria with a mission to take over the www.

My work

With a holistic approach and an open mind I look at problems and try to solve them for the benefit of the user.

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/ About me

I’ve helped form the web since 2009

Starting off as a web and graphics designer in late 2009 I've been steadily developing in the web area and learning many different subjects.

Years of experience
Successful projects

With over 10 years of professional experience behind my back and having worked in multiple companies varying domains I can confidently say that I can bring value to any product or service.

Previously worked on
Coca Cola logoBrewDog logoNestle LogoTeva Pharmaceuticals Logo
/ My Skills

My extensive list of skills

Figma logo


Ever since it came out - it has been my go-to-tool

Adobe Creative Suite logo

Creative Suite

I've been using all Adobe products since Photoshop 7

Sketch logo


Used it religiously right before I found Figma

UserTesting logo

User Testing

Proficient knowledge with UserTesting and UseBerry

InVision logo


Exquisite prototyping and design in InVision

HTML5 logo


What did the HTML coding dog say? Href Href!

Webflow logo


Creating eye-catching websites since 2017

Cinema 4D logo

Cinema 4D

Intermediate level in modeling and renderinding

3D Studio Max log

3D Studio Max

Using Vray and 3DS Max I used to make tutorials

Unity Game Engine logo


Creating my first game and releasing in on Steam

/ Testimonials

What the clients say about my work

Andy Smith - Developer X Webflow Template
Google - Developer X Webflow Template

“John did an amazing work with our web-app, everything he did to optimize our software help us to reduce our loading speed by 56%”

/ Andy Smith
VP of DevOps at Google
Jim Benson - Developer X Webflow Template
Pinterest - Developer X Webflow Template

“We’ve never had come this far without John’s great attention to detail and care for the final product”

/ Jim benson
VP of DevOps at Pinterest
Sophie Moore - Developer X Webflow Template
YouTube - Developer X Webflow Template

“I think John was essential to our product because he truly cared to deliver world-class work results”

/ Sophie Moore
VP of DevOps at Youtube

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