Spirit of ARX - Roguelike Game

Spirit of ARX is a harrowing roguelike dungeon-crawler where players possess the spirits of the deceased in order to escape a labyrinthine fortress of anguish and misery.

Spirit of ARX - Roguelike Game
Game Dev
Unity (C#)

About the project

With this project I had a few goals in mind:

  1. Create a game - something that I've been dreaming since childhood
    1.1. A procedurally generated dungeon with a lot of replayability
  2. Popularize my botique streaming media - ARX
  3. Learn the basics of programming (mainly in C#)
  4. Have fun!

Early history

Intially I wasn't sure on which perspective to make the game, but I started out with a 2D sidescrolling perspective as my prototype and using a simple tileset I was able to get the atmosphere I was going for.

Not a lot after, I added a simple character with some abilities and particles to help me look at something while working on the procedural part of the game.

Early versions of the game felt fun, but the 2D sidescrolling perspective wasn't giving me the right feel and I decided to go with 2D top-down view (2.5D) and had to rework everything from the ground-up - which ultimately was a good move, because the gameplay wans't as unique as it is right now. Using some assets from the Unity Asset Store (the AK-47 😅 and some few ninjas) I was able to create a simple prototype of the game alongisde the procedural generation. All of these would become the base for the future game.

After a while I got into the style and started developing and adding even more abilities, items and enemies to the game.

How is it going?

The game is still in development. Since I am working as a full-time product designer I rarely free time. You can download a demo on Steam and Whishlist it if you want to start playing it as soon as it releases.

What's next?

Well, there are a couple of things that really need to be fixed/changed before releasing the final version. I am looking forward to launch the game on Steam when it is finished, also I am planning to release the game on mobile devices and other platforms when the time comes.

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