Parfumnitsa - Monthly Perfume Box

A company that sells explorer perfume boxes

Parfumnitsa - Monthly Perfume Box
Product Design

About the project

Parfumnitsa is a Bulgarian perfume store that sells boxes with 5 different fragrances. There are 3 different boxes: Niche, Designer and Mixed - which is a combination of the Niche and Designer perfumes.

What was the goal of the project?

The project was to create an online webstore that has the ability to sell perfume casts and perfume boxes. The client wanted me to integrate a webshop with Wordpress, Woocommerce and have a responsive design for mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. They also wanted a logo and color scheme for their brand.

Parfumnitsa had no branding at all. This meant I had to create a logo from scratch, which was quite challenging because the client did not provide any references or inspiration. Even though there were no previous designs, they needed a unique identity that would be recognizable and memorable at the same time. So I took it upon myself to find something that would fit them the best. After some brainstorming with the client, we came up with the idea of using the old-time typography seen on stores and make a typographic logo that spelled "PARFUMNITSA".

Ideation phase

After the logo was created, working with the client - I started adding colors and proposing designs for the overall product. It was important for me that Parfumnitsa's customers liked the products as well as the overall look of the website. I wanted to create a feminine and clean design.

Project execution

After the basic design was approved by the client, I was able to move forward with adding more details to the overall design all while making changes based on feedback from the client. Once the vision was finalized, I focused on the homepage first since that would represent what the company was about.

I used an already purchased theme to build the website. The client had bought it alongside a few others before the website was made so it made sense that this would be the perfect choice for my project. Since this was only a small shop, I didn't need anything too powerful. After choosing the theme, I began customizing it according to the client's needs and wishes. The last thing I did was adding several features that would help improve the user experience on the website such as sliders, call-to-action buttons, a search bar and different quality-of-life improvements to the cart and checkout page.


After researching and finding out what the competition offers, I found that most websites offer a very simple and linear approach towards presenting the products. Many of the websites use large images that emphasize the content and then show other images below them that feature a description and price.

Since this was a fragrance store, I wanted to make sure that the visual presentation of the content would be appealing to the target audience but also simple enough to understand. So I decided to make the main focus of the website to be the pictures of the perfumes. To do that, I added an image gallery where visitors could see the details of each perfume.

Making the decision to go with a simple layout was easier said than done. The site should be easy to navigate through but at the same time, it needed to offer a lot of information. This meant that I had to think about how to present everything without overwhelming the visitor.

Product pages for perfume boxes had to show even more information like the perfumes inside it and their descriptions. This is why I wanted to focus on the style of the design and chose to go with a minimalistic design.

Project results

Parfumnitsa's website is now online and has been receiving positive feedback from both its clients and visitors. It was well received since it represents the brand in a professional manner. It's modern and clean design has helped increase sales, which is exactly what the client was hoping for. Overall, the project was a success!

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